Lightning Damage

Lightning is a naturally occurring electrostatic discharge with the potential of causing extensive damage to residential or business properties. Lightning Damage and power surges can affect not only the exterior of the structure, but could affect internal components, such as appliances, as well. Lightning also has the possibility of sparking fires, which could lead to fire damage in your home or on your property.

Public Adjuster Montana is an independent public adjusting firm dealing with insurance claims related to lightning and related damages. Our skilled team will assist you throughout the process and ensure all the details of your damaged property are conveyed to the insurance company. Our priority is to expedite the insurance claim procedure and secure the maximum settlement amount the insurance company owes you under your policy.

Lightning damage can occur both directly and indirectly. Direct damage could lead to a structure fire caused by a lightning strike. Indirect damage can affect your property without visible damage, with the lightning affecting the electrical wiring of the building. A high voltage current such as this can cause severe damage to your electronics.

Lightning Damage

Whether direct or indirect, the damage needs to be closely and accurately assessed to receive the proper compensation to restore your property to its pre-loss condition. Hiring an experienced and skilled public adjuster is beneficial to the policyholder, because as your advocate, our team will carefully examine all damage and underlying issues, securing the settlement you deserve.

Public Adjuster Montana will ensure your insurance claim is filed with all the necessary details and information, carefully prepared for your best interest. Our team will keep you informed through every step, from assessing the damage and negotiating with the insurance company to securing a fair settlement offer under your insurance policy.

Insurance companies scrutinize their policies to control what they offer to the policyholders. The complex and technical insurance policy language is often difficult to understand. A public adjuster is a professional with expertise in filing insurance claims on behalf of policyholders to obtain a justified settlement claim.
A public adjuster’s job is to carefully assess the damage, document the details, analyze the insurance policy, negotiate with the insurance company based on the findings, and get the best possible outcome for the policyholder.
In order to get the damage properly documented and receive an expedited and maximized settlement claim, you need to hire a public adjuster shortly after the damage has occurred. The insurance companies have expert adjusters that work for their benefit, so hiring a public adjuster could make a huge difference in the amount of money received in your settlement compared with a claim settled without a public adjuster.
Public adjusters are professionals who work for the benefit of the policyholder and receive a percentage of the insurance settlement money after winning the claim. You don’t have to worry about paying a public adjuster upfront, and because the settlement you’ll receive will likely be higher than if you settle without a public adjuster, there’s minimal risk.
The public adjuster should let you know how they are going to handle your case, and they must show credentials or testimonials of their previous work. Working with a licensed public adjuster is key.