Mold Damage

If you’re filing a property damage insurance claim, hiring a public adjuster to represent your interests is likely to lead to a better settlement offer. Your insurance company will have their own insurance adjuster to represent their interests, and you deserve the same advantage. Mold damage is especially difficult to deal with, particularly black mold. Whenever a building gets affected by mold, it could spread, infiltrating areas that may get overlooked.

Public Adjuster Montana is an experienced and qualified public adjusting firm that deals with mold damage settlement claims. Our team will not only take the burden of the insurance claims process off your plate, but we’ll ensure you receive the best possible settlement amount you are entitled to according to your insurance policy. From analyzing the damage, documenting, presenting and negotiating with the insurance company, we will do it all.

Mold damage can affect your life in various ways. It can affect the health of the residents or employees in residential and commercial properties. Sinus issues and allergies are common forms of health hazards mold poses on individuals. It can also affect furniture and clothing. There are mainly four kinds of mold, all of which damage the space in their own way. Penicillium, aspergillus, cladosporium and alternaria are the species of mold often found growing in buildings in the U.S.

Mold Damage

Aspergillus and alternaria usually grow outdoors and often are related to the damage of food, soil and walls. Cladosporium grows indoors and can lead to water damage, because it often affects the pipes. Penicillium releases toxic spores and can damage leather furniture.

Mold Damage Claims can be difficult to navigate for someone without knowledge of such damages and claim settlement procedures. Our team at Public Adjuster Montana will be at your service throughout the claims process. We have experience dealing with the paperwork and presenting the case in the best interest of the insured. The adjuster hired by the insurance company will be looking out for the insurance company’s best interest, which is why having a public adjuster to advocate on your behalf would be a beneficial advantage. We will work swiftly and meticulously to help you receive the best possible outcome to get your damage repaired and your life back on track.

Insurance companies scrutinize their policies to control what they offer to the policyholders. The complex and technical insurance policy language is often difficult to understand. A public adjuster is a professional with expertise in filing insurance claims on behalf of policyholders to obtain a justified settlement claim.
A public adjuster’s job is to carefully assess the damage, document the details, analyze the insurance policy, negotiate with the insurance company based on the findings, and get the best possible outcome for the policyholder.
In order to get the damage properly documented and receive an expedited and maximized settlement claim, you need to hire a public adjuster shortly after the damage has occurred. The insurance companies have expert adjusters that work for their benefit, so hiring a public adjuster could make a huge difference in the amount of money received in your settlement compared with a claim settled without a public adjuster.
Public adjusters are professionals who work for the benefit of the policyholder and receive a percentage of the insurance settlement money after winning the claim. You don’t have to worry about paying a public adjuster upfront, and because the settlement you’ll receive will likely be higher than if you settle without a public adjuster, there’s minimal risk.
The public adjuster should let you know how they are going to handle your case, and they must show credentials or testimonials of their previous work. Working with a licensed public adjuster is key.